Friday, February 7, 2014

No meat/No sweet February

    Last Thursday, I printed my labs from Cleveland Clinic in preparation for an MD appointment on Friday with UH. I decided to print my weights as well. I was shocked to see that I weighed 135 pounds last January. Despite the fact that I have no scale, I knew my weight was far from that number. I weighed myself at work and found that I have gained 15 pounds over the course of the last year!!! I was shocked. I should not have been, but I was. I thought about what I needed to do to get my weight back under control but didn't come up with a plan. I happened to be perusing Facebook and noticed a post about DietBet. There was a challenge to kick start your weight loss in February by losing 4% of your body weight. For me that would be 6 pounds. I decided to do it. Part of participating for me was to alter my diet. I eat lots of healthy foods. But I have a sugar addiction like you would not believe. I can not eat one piece of candy or one donut or one cookie without eating many more. Last week, I ate one Reese's Cup which led to me eating about 5 bags of Reese Cups in 2 days. I was so bad that I hid bags in the car so that I would not have to share with The Joes. I also hid the wrappers in the garbage can at work so my co-workers wouldn't see the carnage. The last straw was a 3.5 pound bag of assorted Reese's that I downed in 1 day. I did share some with co-workers and The Joes, but not many. I have an issue with sugar. I lurves it!!!!! I decided that I needed to detox from it. I knew that I needed to alter my diet. For the month of February, I decided to stop eating foods with added sugars and meats. I am eating seafood, though.
     Today is day 7 of my challenge and I have already lost 4 pounds. I've also experimented with some new vegetable friendly dishes. My favorite so  far has been shrimp fried rice. It was super easy to make and quite delicious. I have not had one drop of added sugar until today. I go to Starbucks on Friday mornings with my coworker. I usually order a Chai Tea Latte. I ordered one today and drank about half of it. I've been tempted everywhere!! At home, the littlest Joe made some beautiful burgers stuffed with peppers and onions. They have also made beef tacos. I had fish tacos. I am starting to feel less like I am missing out. The littlest Joe has decided that she will join the no meat/no added sugar challenge next week. At work, I have really been challenged. On Monday, my coworker, Sheila brought in Peanut Butter squares. I love her PB squares!!! I did not eat one. On Wednesday, there were cookies and on Thursday there were donuts. I had none. People have tried to be supportive and suggest that I eat one or half of one. I know that I cannot eat one. I have never in my adult life eaten half of a donut or cookie unless it tasted like a shoe. I do not have the willpower for that... I was tempted at Giant Eagle when I discovered that the one near my house had a lot of new Talenti Gelato flavors. I stood in front of the case and read off the flavors to my friend, Shelly, on the phone. After that, I walked away. One day, I will treat myself.  
     I've also maintained my workouts. I am still preparing for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon. My first run, on Sunday, wthout meat and sugar was terrible. I ran out of energy very quickly. I had to adjust what and how much I was eating. I ran 5 treadmill miles on Wednesday and felt great the whole run. Another thing I have noticed is my awesometastic abs. They are looking mighty lovely without the meat and sugar. I might even post a pic at the end of February!!!


  1. I have a major problem, maybe you can help. The more I run the more I eat. ( more candy and junk foods ) Do you have any suggestions that can help? I am addicted to chocolate. Please help..........

    1. Dear Anonymous, I am fortunate to not feel extreme hunger after running. I usually have a very tiny appetite after running. I can relate to the candy/chocolate cravings. This challenge to limit sweets is the first step for me to get a handle on the cravings. I have been eating a lot of naturally sweet snacks. Plantain chips are favorites of mine. I also like dried apricots. I like any kind of nut butter. I have been eating fruits and finding recipes for naturally sweet alternatives. I plan to share a granola bar recipe and ice cream recipe this month on the blog. There are so many alternatives to the junk available. I think you just have to be open to trying things until you find something you like.