Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The winner is Jonathan!!!

Congratulations to Jonathan, winner of the free entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon!!! I have sent you an email detailing how you can register for your entry. Thanks to all who entered!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Make-up and other first world parenting issues...

The Littlest Joe is 12 years old. She is in the seventh grade. She is almost the youngest girl in her class. Most of her friends have already turned 13. There are a couple 14 year olds tossed in the mix. I have noticed that some of these girls wear makeup. I haven't noticed anything too crazy. I've seen a little eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip goo of varying types. I've told my Joe that I would let her wear some makeup at thirteen. There are many problems with this. One problem is her mother's lack of make-up applying skills. I don't wear make-up. I can not teach her a thing!! Occasionally (And I mean super rarely) I will throw on some mascara and lip gloss. While I am not a make-up wearer, I am convinced that I should be. I buy all kinds of make-up that I don't wear. This over abundance of make-up works out very well for a sneaky 12 year old who knows that if she takes makeup from my bag, I will never notice. Recently, I have been finding makeup that previously belonged to me in The Littlest Joe's room. This drives me batty. We are constantly battling about my rules. I don't want to see my baby looking like an adult human in make-up. I am torn, however, because she never looks crazy with the makeup on. On several occasions, I had to admit to myself that she looked really pretty... I am sure that there are bigger battles I could be fighting. I get worried, however, that my giving in to The Joes tells them that they can forever ignore my rules when they are not convenient for them. I need to learn to pick my battles but I am never sure which battle is a battle I can afford to lose. The Littlest Joe will be 13 at the end of August. She has about 5 months. I may need to let this make-up rule quietly die. And maybe I'll  teach her a lesson that life is flexible and people who are inflexible have a greater chance of missing out on growth or joy or mother/daughter moments with their little joes... 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weeks Four and Five of Training: Kettlebells and cookies

     Week four was terrible with regards to running. I just didn't feel like doing it. I have been doing a lot of later hours at my job because we started a few new groups for our patients. The new groups are exciting, but I am tired at the end of a long day. UGH!!!I did hit the gym and I did some kettlebell workouts at home with my 20 pound kettlebell. My favorite moves are the swing (of course!) and sit-ups. The Biggest Joe suggested that he might be helpful with the sit-ups. He held my feet and barked at me to do them faster and to sit ALL THE WAY UP!!!  Week five saw some mileage. My goal for the half in May is 2 hours and 36 minutes which equals 12 minute miles. During my practice runs, I have been trying to keep my pace close to my goal race pace. My runs outside showed me that I can run faster than a 12 or 11 minute mile. Last Wednesday, I told my friend that I was going to run 6 miles that evening. This was a motivator to actually meet this distance goal. I dropped my car off at the school where The Littlest Joe was at track practice and text her to wait in the car if I was not back by the time she was done. I started this run thinking I would finish in about 1 hour and 12 minutes. When I finished mile 1 at 10:27,  I felt a little excited. Mile 2 was 10:35. At that point, I was convinced I may be able to finish the six miles in a shorter amount of time. I changed my goal and decided I wanted to finish before 1 hour and 6 minutes. I finished in 1 hour and 4 minutes. I am in competition with myself and no one else. I would like to run this half in May faster than I ran my first half. I am determined to do that. This run convinced me that I can do that!! 
     I am excited to see that I am maintaining my recent weight loss. I'm still abstaining from all meats except seafood. I do still have a love affair with sugar and I have been eating desserts again. I have not had any moments of binge eating. I have only eaten sweets in moderation. I ate my last box of girl scout cookies this week. They are all gone. Instead of feeling sad, I feel relief. I also have not had sugar in my house for about 2 months now. The Joes are acting as if the world is ending. They are very vocal about their disgust with the lack of sugar in our house. We do have honey and agave. We made yams with butter, agave, vanilla and cinnamon. They could not taste the lack of sugar. They are super tasty this way!! We have lots of fruits. I also bought some sweet-ish snacks (animal crackers, applesauce, etc.). They are surviving... I am doing great!! Hope everyone's training is going as planned!!!

Win an entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The winner is...

Congratulations to the winner of the month of classes at Naturally Gifted Fitness!!! The winner is Rodriguez Rainey.  Please contact me via email at for details about how to claim your prize. Thank you to all who entered and all those who told me they tried but had a difficult time commenting on their phone. I appreciate you! Stay tuned later this week to win a free entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon event of your choice!!

Week three of training: Vegetarians don't eat meat

           Week three of training went well for me. I was sick last week and decided to totally skip week two of training. According to the training plan I am following, I was supposed to run 18 miles this week. I ran 17.7 miles. I started Monday with a 3 mile run. I did 1.5 hours of yoga on Tuesday. I ran 3 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Thursday and 3 miles on Friday. I had planned to volunteer with We Run This City on Saturday at the St. Malachi Race. I assumed I was going to run the 5 mile so I planned for my long run on Saturday. When I got to the race, I found that myself and my buddy, Rebecca were only running 2 miles. I was short a mile after this run.  I finished my week off with a Sunday long run of 5 miles. The run was rough. I did not feel like running at all, but I finished it. I also walked to my car after work 3 of 5 evenings, which is about a mile and a half trek in the cold.
            My littlest Joe is a Girl Scout and we always sell a ton of cookies. I made sure that we did not have an excess of cookies this year to tempt ourselves with. I did order myself a couple of boxes of Samoas and I ate them this week. They are so addictive and I could not stop!!!! I also ate 2 cupcakes on Saturday from BabyCakes in Willoughby. The biggest Joe and I went there on a date and had a terrific time.
I have had a lot of questions about the changes I've made to my diet. People keep saying “So, you’re trying to be a vegetarian?” and I have to explain that I AM eating meat, but only seafood. I am not at all trying to be a vegetarian. If we have to put a label on it, I would call it a pescatarian diet. I have been experimenting with more food options this week. This Sunday, I made a stir fry with Swai fish. It seemed to me like a weird idea but it was pretty tasty. I used diced zucchini, spinach, green onions, garlic, eggs and rice. The Joes really liked it and that pretty much equals success in book.
          I am not scale obsessed but I am trying to get my weight down to a number that I am pleased with. This week I am officially down to 141 pounds. I have officially lost 8.7 pounds since Feb 1. I am pretty pleased with this. I am looking forward to the challenge of week 4!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week two of training: Nonexistent

My co-workers have been sick at work for about the last month. I was relieved that despite their sniffles and snorts and coughs, I had remained well. All of that changed on Monday. I got home from work and errands and went straight to bed. I assumed that I would be better the next day but I felt increasingly worse. I was going to bed at about 7pm daily. I did not run 1 mile this week at all. I thought that I was starting to feel better towards the end of the week but I worked at my part time job on Thursday and then again on Saturday and the littlest Joe was in a play at her school on Friday and Saturday night. My lack of rest did not help me at all. Additionally, I hate a hamburger this week. It was soooo good but my stomach said to me "ummm what are you doing?" and I proceeded to bloat a  bit. I was able to get some of my push-ups in. This was an exciting success. Another success was my fitness gear haul. I ran to Wal-Mart to buy a new vacuum cleaner late Friday night. I am not a big Wal-Mart fan. I have an ongoing love affair with all things Target. Luckily, it was too late to visit my fave. I ran into Wal-Mart and grabbed my vacuum.  On my way out, I saw long sleeve running shirts on clearance for $5. I also got a pair of running tights for $12 and a running shirt with a zipper from the boys department for $3.  I am resting today and looking forward to a healthy week of training next week. Hope every one else's training is going well!

My $3 find!