Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week three of training: Vegetarians don't eat meat

           Week three of training went well for me. I was sick last week and decided to totally skip week two of training. According to the training plan I am following, I was supposed to run 18 miles this week. I ran 17.7 miles. I started Monday with a 3 mile run. I did 1.5 hours of yoga on Tuesday. I ran 3 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles on Thursday and 3 miles on Friday. I had planned to volunteer with We Run This City on Saturday at the St. Malachi Race. I assumed I was going to run the 5 mile so I planned for my long run on Saturday. When I got to the race, I found that myself and my buddy, Rebecca were only running 2 miles. I was short a mile after this run.  I finished my week off with a Sunday long run of 5 miles. The run was rough. I did not feel like running at all, but I finished it. I also walked to my car after work 3 of 5 evenings, which is about a mile and a half trek in the cold.
            My littlest Joe is a Girl Scout and we always sell a ton of cookies. I made sure that we did not have an excess of cookies this year to tempt ourselves with. I did order myself a couple of boxes of Samoas and I ate them this week. They are so addictive and I could not stop!!!! I also ate 2 cupcakes on Saturday from BabyCakes in Willoughby. The biggest Joe and I went there on a date and had a terrific time.
I have had a lot of questions about the changes I've made to my diet. People keep saying “So, you’re trying to be a vegetarian?” and I have to explain that I AM eating meat, but only seafood. I am not at all trying to be a vegetarian. If we have to put a label on it, I would call it a pescatarian diet. I have been experimenting with more food options this week. This Sunday, I made a stir fry with Swai fish. It seemed to me like a weird idea but it was pretty tasty. I used diced zucchini, spinach, green onions, garlic, eggs and rice. The Joes really liked it and that pretty much equals success in book.
          I am not scale obsessed but I am trying to get my weight down to a number that I am pleased with. This week I am officially down to 141 pounds. I have officially lost 8.7 pounds since Feb 1. I am pretty pleased with this. I am looking forward to the challenge of week 4!

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