Sunday, March 2, 2014

Win a Month of Classes at Naturally Gifted Fitness

     I can’t run every day. My body would be quite dissatisfied with me. Because of this, I am constantly looking for alternative and additional workouts. Last spring, my friend Ronda (who is a boot camp queen) invited me to go with her to a class at Naturally Gifted Fitness in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I was reluctant to go. I have been diagnosed with Severe Lack of Rhythm and I tend to shy away from activities that require doing anything "on beat".  Ronda is very persuasive and Naturally Gifted had a sign-up deal. I could no longer resist.  Naturally Gifted Fitness has a variety of classes and boasts 13 certified group instructors. Check them out online here... I have taken 3 of the many classes there. The first class I attended was Cardio Kickboxing. I didn’t do well with that class. The instructor was great! She was energetic and supportive. My lack of rhythm made me feel a little awkward. I just didn't feel like I was getting it. It was a tough workout though and I felt accomplished when I finished it. I also tried Cardio Yoga. I loved this class and the instructor. The class is the perfect mix of yoga and heart racing cardio. If you can’t imagine it, you’d have to try it for yourself. These classes are offered on Saturdays and Sundays. I work those days at my part-time job and sometimes the Joes have activities that conflict. This was just not a class I could commit to.  The third class I have tried and loved is the Ripped 2.0 class. I have gone several times with my buddies Ronda and Rebecca. Their website calls this class "a challenge” and a challenge it most certainly is! The classes are taught by very energetic twins Phil and Philly. Each class is an hour of intense cardio and includes squats, jacks, burpees, high knees, arm circles and more.  Walking in, I was faced with a packed room. I wondered to myself if I was one of the "old ladies" there. At that moment, I just decided that I planned to hang with the class and get in a good workout. This made the class more fun to me.  I was able to hang with the class and it was an EXCELLENT work out! Finishing the class is an awesome rush. It leaves me wringing wet with sweat and all my muscles achy. In one of the classes, I think I did more squats than I had ever done before in my life. My thighs ached for a couple days and I looooved it. There are many women in these classes but I definitely see that men could benefit from these classes as well. This class is an excellent cross-training opportunity. If you are training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon events and the cold has driven you inside consider taking a class or two at a gym local to you. If you are looking for great classes with excellent instructors and high energy, Naturally Gifted Fitness is for you. If you’re unsure about these classes, consider a trial. You have a chance to win a month's worth of classes for FREE. To enter, comment below why you want to win or follow me on twitter and tweet me why you should win!! You can also follow me and comment on the picture posted on Instagram of the class. Remember that if you comment on the blog, you cannot comment anonymously. I need to know who you are!  You also need to include your email address so that I can contact you! Contest ends on March 11th at midnight! Good luck!!

The very end of the class
The Burpees finished them off...


  1. I would like to win because these classes are motivational and very intense it is also away I can kick start my way into a healthier lifestyle and get my body back in shape

  2. I would love to win because I've been to the classes & they are also.
    I could also use some motivation lately, I'm in a slump.

  3. Great post!! I wanna win!! Please pick me to be fit!!

  4. These classes seem great and just what I need. From your experience it seems like a great time! Thanks for sharing! I would like to win because I need structure in my life lol. If I had a class to attend I might be more motivated to go instead of just creating my own workout in the gym.

  5. I would like to win because I am very "unmotivated" to start a fitness class...I think this will give me the jumpstart I need!